Bubbles Technical Support

Bubbles is a pretty simple program so you're unlikely to have problems with it.  Here's a list of the questions we've received and our answers.

Q. I purchased Bubbles, downloaded it and ran it by tapping the icon on my home screen.  The title screen showed up for a few seconds, everything went black, and then it went back to my home screen.  What's going on?

A. This can happen to some programs when they're installed on your iPhone.  It is not a problem with Bubbles and can happen on any application.  To fix it, turn the phone off and turn it back on again.  It should launch the application correctly.

Q. I noticed in the Settings menu there's a "Show Puzzle Pieces" setting for Bubbles.  I change it and nothing seems different.  What does the setting do?

A. The setting does nothing.  It was a test during development that was accidentally left in the initial release.  We plan to remove it in the next release.

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